Act I: The Rite, The Refusal

by Aaron Stoquert

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A family on the run find themselves at the mercy of a mad preacher who believes he can control the Undead.


released November 15, 2016

Written, Recorded, Produced By:
Aaron Stoquert
Ryan Dugan

Mixed By:
Ryan Dugan

Mastered By:
Segado Audio

Artwork By:
Anne-Marie Mueschke

A MooseOx Studio Production


all rights reserved



Aaron Stoquert New York, New York

Horror musician with a southern gothic influence writing about the undead, a mad preacher and a family on the run.

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Track Name: Overture: The Event
Track Name: Long Field: Farmer Jack & The Hated
I hate you, and everybody for this
living past the clock, you don't want to be missed
you're space in time, not ready to exist

Bring out the dead!

Tell 'em we'll burn in hell for this
never mind what you believe--and no time to reminisce
it's us against the bodies of sin that barley exist
forget your love, forget your world
oh I hate you and everybody for this

How did we get here?
How do we get out of this?

Stay low.
You got to keep with me now--love has nothing to do with it.

We are hunted. It's all we get.
Man for man, no one's going to help you out of this
Hit the break, look for me, or run for your life.
Take my hand, I'm not sure we'll survive this.

How did we get here?
How do we get out this?

Nothing more than creatures, dying on a whim.
There has to be a reason for all of this.
It can't be how it ends, I won't let it touch your skin.

I've loved too many, don't replace my heart with a fist.
I want nothing more than to wake up and feel your kiss.

Someone tell me how it came to this?
Track Name: The Preacher
I've waited so long
for my time in the sun
my night among the stars
now it's finally come

A killer in the night
show me lovely things
do you view me like you?
am I to fend for my life?

"Go forth and rid the world!"
"Tell them what's to come
of the dirty boys and girls
and the world that they love."

Oh, friends,
can you hear me now?
can you hear me now, calling you?

A bastion for the world
to see what will become
let me sing to you on high
for together we run

Visions made of truth
there will be no other way
follow or be killed
(and I'll follow you too)
their light brings a new day
(shiny and new)

Oh, friends,
can you hear me now?
(we can hear you loud and clear from down here)
can you hear me now, calling you?
(are you sure that’s what you wanted to do?)

I bend my light to you
bring clear the muddy truth
(look again or you'll have blood all on you)
can you hear me from the roof, calling you?

Brother it's been too long,
(I've told this from the start)
Words almost too late
(You never listen and now I'm coming after you)

Sinners will be damned
by the dead in sinner's hearts
a vow unto your life
you will be saved as the world falls apart

Oh, friends,
can you hear me now?
can you hear me now, calling you?
Track Name: The Preacher: A Hymn From Within
Now tonight, I want you to turn with me.
Can you tell right from wrong?
We'll find out soon.

What took you so long, did I do something wrong?
Was it something I said?
Maybe it's better left for dead dirty boy.

I look to you, help me here,
Your world hangs on the edge of hell
broken by little boys and girls who've spoken out of turn.

What's that?! Oh. I see. Tell me:
How should we proceed?
Deep down is his heart wicked and cruel?
Should I bathe him or clean his wounds?
Is he here to hurt me or follow our lead?
I guess we'll find out soon.

La la da da da dum.

I look to you, help me here
Your world hangs on the edge of hell
Broken by little boys and girls who've spoken out of turn.

If only a promise of you, be with us until the end.
Please yes brother of mine or your head will roll in the pines.
Track Name: (Farmer Jack's) Conversation With A Madman
The Preacher:
"You're just a fish on the mountain. You're just a fish out of the sea. You're just a fish on the mountain. I can't wait to see how many of there--you will be."

Farmer Jack:
"They're killers, dangerous demons and I can't see what you need from them. I don't know why you do want me, what can I do for you? How can I be a little bit of help here, a little bit of mindfulness--a little bit everything, I'm trying to get out of this mess--if I could here--just give me a second--I'm trying to tell you, what you see as angels will ruin and destroy us--your fauxgregation of devils--but all I hear from you is--"

The Preacher:
"You're just a fish on the mountain. You're just a fish out of the sea."

Farmer Jack:
"You've never seen the worst in them, is hard for you to understand? They're not like you, nor do I want to follow you climb the roof and be part of your clan--"

The Preacher:
"Never mind this my friends, we'll take it from here to start again and teach you dirty boys and girls: behave before you leave the earth."

"I've wanted to be free of you and make clear the muddy truth."


"Give the sinners what they deserve--give them what they earned"

"Friends! Can you hear me calling you? Can you hear me from the roof?"

"We fell short of glory of God, slipped away in the night, my own flesh and blood..."

Farmer Jack:
"We can't stay here, he'll kill us all! Oh sweet one, my love: Run!"

"Take me home! Take me home! It's all I want!"

The Preacher:
"...and friends, remember, damned are the weak, for we will inherit the earth! It is they who are in danger of eternal punishment! They will never make it on their own! For we will hunt them down and feed off their bones!"