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Remaining Days

by Aaron Stoquert

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The Guests 01:24
Your legs will only get you so far Night is only cover so long (something's following you) All my memories with the dead (fears come alive tonight) Oh god, help you, this is widespread We're coming for you Say goodbye or hope to god days are spared you Fear under a watchful moon Your heart lay dead inside of you (never will it beat again) Oh grab a hold of who you knew (tear the flesh from the bone) Oh god lookout no one will save you
Last Day 03:03
Make it clean or I can't fall asleep tonight Take the blood and the guts and put them in moonlight Be a shadow, you better lay low, listen to all you can Make it clean, make it clean make it clean Make it clean and I won't say a word tonight With me to the end I'll bury it for life Rank and file, kill your man, run 'til the break of day Make it clean, make it clean, make it clean Oh you’ve got nothing more to hide All your days have passed you by Oh you’ve seen all that you can Just let your days fall at my hand
Dog Days 02:23
Where did you run to? My best friend I miss you I wish the best for you I want the days we had Time spent on the back of day dreams With you is all I want to be I'll kill without you here Take post and murder all who come near Oh, old night can you tell me your name? Look at this body Remember you and me I'll pet you over again And wait for your heart mend I'll kill without you here Take post and murder all who come near Oh, now you're gone from here Nothing more to say
To say my heart is not alive Paints me dead in your eyes How you are so quick With your hatred and your wit But oh it's getting awfully cold Goodbye, goodbye I'm leaving you behind Take your water and your faith I haven't got the place Blow cold wind blow Throw me up so I let go A taste of you in me Ties us eternally A cry to save, a cry no more One last time I swore But how you are so quick With your hatred and your wit But oh it's getting awfully cold
There's only so much I can take There's only so much you will ignore Will I let it end at your hand? Or do I take the blade for me? Do I want this at all? Could this be the end? I beg you throw my body into hell I can't stand the sight of you It makes me think of all the good you've done for me And I don't want to be here anymore Oh it's true, Yeah it's true That I will stop any feelings I had for you And I can't do this anymore No I can't do this anymore So hand me the blade I'm going to do it myself Hand me the blade I said Oh hand me the blade I'm going to do it myself Hand me the blade before I make this your living hell
Prisoner 03:24
Stay behind lock doors tonight The moon has a mind of it's own Cradle swing, sleep, close your eyes Ideas of you decay in my mind Put the light back into my eyes Try to bring me back to life Prayers you give only leave me here Alone with myself to fear Whoa not here Whoa my dear I'm looking no further than... Whoa not here Whoa my dear It tastes just like I feared... Bring the night to a screaming stop Hold me until I drop Stay right here until the morning breaks Forget all the sounds they make Stop your looking at me now Drag me until your body gives out Throw me six feet into your dreams I'll be here until you scream
Take my hand I'm not sure we survive this Spare no one, spare not me Take aim, fire at will I'd do the same for you Nothing short of a kill Fear has no place here Time void of peace Death all around me Dare I say monsters at my feet? But no, this can't be What's in front of me A war against the dead
Today's a new day for me Going to walk right into the street I won't be knocked down Pitchfork tool and frow I'll kill one at dawn Please bring me to an empty calm Oh but what happens to them now? See I've got nothing to fear A hollow mind holds nothing dear Stitched love blows through the grave A loose grip on everything And I've stopped going day to day Oh but what happens to them now? See I've got nothing to fear Drag your feet and come closer dear I'll steady my aim and watch you from here We've said our goodbyes and forgot about our lives Oh but what happens to them now?


The follow up to "Run For Your Life" this is the first full length album from Aaron Stoquert.

More songs about the walking dead and the post-apocalyptic world around them.


Scars Magazine
"When I first heard the music of Aaron Stoquert I was reminded of the first time I listened to Tom Waits and Nick Cave. I was captivated by the haunting melodies that sounded like they were billowing out of the speaker of an old Victrola."

You can pick up a copy of Scars for $3 digital download or print version for $6.39 here:


Zombie Cat Productions

Zombie Girl Shambling


Tuez Les Tous


released October 20, 2011

"Remaining Days"
Recorded at Time To Operate Studios, part of Time To Operate Records, Brooklyn NY
August - October 2011

Mixed by Ryan Dugan
Audio Engineer / Technician Eamonn McKiernan

All music and lyrics written by Aaron Stoquert

Performances by:

Aaron Stoquert - Guitar, Vocals, Piano

Krista Masino - Vocals

Max Campanie - Percussion, Drums

Cody Campanie - Bass

Jim Heffernan - Cello


all rights reserved



Aaron Stoquert New York, New York

Mostly dark southern gothic tunes. Except for some indie-pop sprinkled in here and there.

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